• Interior design

    Walk In Closet – Good or Bad Idea?

    When my house was just drawing on the paper, I had so many ideas. I was living with my parents in small apartment, had really small bedroom. My bedroom was only 7.6 square meters but awful deployed. It was 3,8 meters long and 1,9 meters wide. As I lived in so small place and constantly looking for more storage space, I was designed my house much bigger than my needs. After several modifications in design, I reduced size of the house. Well, now I live in the new house and I can say that this reduced size is also too big for my needs. But, the house is now built…

  • Interior design

    10 Beautiful IKEA Design Ideas

    I don’t know about you but I really love IKEA furniture. Today at my Home and Lifestyle Blog, I’m not going to talk about quality, I’d rather show you 10 beautiful IKEA design ideas. The best thing of IKEA is that it is affordable and you can equip any space. They have wide range of furniture as well as decorations. You can decorate in country style, modern, minimalist, industrial and many more styles. But for me, the most important thing is that they have warranty on their products and you have one year from day of purchase to return product with receipt. It doesn’t have to be in original box,…