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    Top 10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

    Every day there are more and more blogs about increasingly popular Scandinavian Interior Design Trend. They all have beautiful photos of design, fresh ideas and amazing decoration. It was difficult to put together this list, but here is my choice of Top 10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs in random order. 1. My Scandinavian Home Niki Brantmark started My Scandinavian Home blog in 2011. She had a version to inspire people with Scandinavian designed homes with a vintage touch. Blog became popular and has 67.2K Facebook and 4.4K Twitter followers. 2. Nordic Design Catherine Lazure-Guinard is the founder of Nordic Design. Her passion for Scandinavian design was born when studying in…

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    Advent Family Trip to Sarajevo

    It’s been a while since my last post. Well, I was at my Advent family trip to Sarajevo and it was Christmas right after I came back. So, I was really busy these days with packing, unpacking, laundry and making cakes for Christmas dinner. Advent in Sarajevo As I mentioned, this year I decide to go somewhere unusual at this time of the year. Everybody goes to Christmas markets in Europe and America, drinking cooked wine and eating sausages. Why is Sarajevo unusual? Well, Bosnia and Herzegovina has three major religions. First is Islam with 50.7%, second is Serbian Orthodoxy with 30.75%, third is Roman Catholicism with 15.19% and others…

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    10 Beautiful IKEA Design Ideas

    I don’t know about you but I really love IKEA furniture. Today at my Home and Lifestyle Blog, I’m not going to talk about quality, I’d rather show you 10 beautiful IKEA design ideas. The best thing of IKEA is that it is affordable and you can equip any space. They have wide range of furniture as well as decorations. You can decorate in country style, modern, minimalist, industrial and many more styles. But for me, the most important thing is that they have warranty on their products and you have one year from day of purchase to return product with receipt. It doesn’t have to be in original box,…