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    Top 10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

    Every day there are more and more blogs about increasingly popular Scandinavian Interior Design Trend. They all have beautiful photos of design, fresh ideas and amazing decoration. It was difficult to put together this list, but here is my choice of Top 10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs in random order. 1. My Scandinavian Home Niki Brantmark started My Scandinavian Home blog in 2011. She had a version to inspire people with Scandinavian designed homes with a vintage touch. Blog became popular and has 67.2K Facebook and 4.4K Twitter followers. 2. Nordic Design Catherine Lazure-Guinard is the founder of Nordic Design. Her passion for Scandinavian design was born when studying in…

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    Luxury Black and White Bedroom

    Today I had an inspiration to show you luxury black and white bedroom. This bedroom is very detailed but with so many taste. Dark colored pieces of furniture and lighter decorations perfectly match to whole bedroom design and bring it to next level. So I made a list of all furniture and decorations in this luxury black and white bedroom so you can try to decorate yours like this. I will first start with bigger pieces of furniture and after that I will add details at the end of list. Shop the items by clicking on the headings. Tufted King Size Bed The most important piece of furniture in bedroom…