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Modern Luxury Black and Gold Dining Room


I was talking with my mother about Christmas dinner. It is tradition now that every year whole family come to my home and we have Christmas dinner together. Well, every year our family is bigger and bigger and I decide to buy new furniture so we can all sit around table. As usually as always I go online and search Google, Pinterest and Instagram to find new and fresh ideas about modern luxury dining room design. I found this breathtaking design idea, so I have to share it with you. Shop the items by clicking on the headings.

Black and gold dining chair

I love the look of this black and gold dining chair and it cradles in comfort. The chair is tickly padded and upholstered in plush black velvet for the most luxurious feel and look. The base is made from stainless steel with gold finish which is stunningly beautiful.


Wood dining table

Dining table for eight people, more if needed. This table will add contemporary design in my space. Wood veneer top and base from stainless steel with gold finish make it also stunningly beautiful. With this table I will certainly enjoy with my family dinners, often than just for holidays.


Shag rug for warm feet

A luxury hand tufted rug, made of 100% polyester is exceptional soft. This rug is perfectly made for covering space under dining table when you have to unbutton your pants and take off your shoes for maximal comfort after big holyday meal. With this rug I don’t have to worry that my guests will catch the cold on their bare feet.  


Credenza in black and white

Luxury credenza made in black and white graphic pattern with tapered legs is perfect piece for my dining room. I will place it against the snow white wall to show off it’s beauty. Credenza is sassy with fuchsia coloured inside, exactly what I need – luxe with little bit of eccentric. It includes two doors and one adjustable shelf, perfectly for alcohol and glasses storage.


Black and gold planter

Now I have bigger pieces of furniture and I can focus on the details. I love plants, it gives soul to the space. The best plants for me is Emerald palm, it’s easy to handle and it brings home money and happiness. This set of black and gold planter is just perfect for Emerald palm. Balanced on four stick legs, a black iron frame offers ample support for small, medium and large vessel bowls that accommodate all shapes and sizes of plant pot.


Luxury black and gold vase

As I earlier mentioned, I love plants, there is no big surprise that I found another vase. This is table vase for bouquet. I love bouquets, especially wildflower bouquet. So simple but luxury matte black vase with just a bit of gold will show all beauty of wildflowers.


This is basically what I pick for my dining room. I always add some unique decorations in my rooms. I love to make room more mine, so I always add some decorations what I found on my travels or I made it by myself. All this time I had all rooms, including dining room, in pastel colours with pastel details. Now I decided to do something daring to get out of my safe zone. These beautiful and luxury pieces of furniture and accessories gave me strength to carry on and not to change my mind and I wasn’t regret. Now I am proud of my dining room and I am happy that I get out of my safe zone, that I tried something new, something different than I used to.

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