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Luxury Black and White Bedroom


Today I had an inspiration to show you luxury black and white bedroom. This bedroom is very detailed but with so many taste. Dark colored pieces of furniture and lighter decorations perfectly match to whole bedroom design and bring it to next level. So I made a list of all furniture and decorations in this luxury black and white bedroom so you can try to decorate yours like this. I will first start with bigger pieces of furniture and after that I will add details at the end of list. Shop the items by clicking on the headings.

Tufted King Size Bed

The most important piece of furniture in bedroom is bed. This is beautiful tufted king size bed in black velvet. Apart from the appearance of the bed, its comfort is also important so this bed came with pocket spring mattress. Pocket spring mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses, most importantly will give you maximal comfort for the sweetest dreams after long hard day. This black king size bed fits perfectly in to the overall look of the bedroom.


Drawer chest

Side tables are must have in every bedroom. Side tables should have plenty of storage space as well as large top surface. We all have many little things that we like to have near us in bed like mobile phone, charger, hand cream, lip balm, good book, scented candle, table lamp and many others. So, this drawer chest has decent top surface and three spacious drawers. It’s classic black finish with mirrored panels perfectly match with black velvet bed.


Black velvet sofa

Is it normal to have sofa in bedroom? Well it isn’t unusual to have it in master bedroom or guest room if you have enough space. But you have to be careful with size picking. If you pick too big sofa, as a result your bedroom could feel cluttered.


Cocktail table

To complete the look of bedroom it’s added coffee table in front of sofa. This table is modern, metal-framed with metal base and a natural Marble top. It is powerful and beautiful piece of furniture therefore perfectly matches this black and white bedroom design.


Black and white rug

What brings more cosiness than rug? This classic geometric motif rug is made from pure wool. It has Dhurrie weave design, native to India. This rug certainly fit to the room decor perfectly.


Table lamp

The table lamp is one of the things that we love to have on our nightstands, as I earlier mentioned. Distressed mercury glass with weathered brass finish accents, made this base of the lamp so adorable. Shade is made from oyster gray silk with gold foil lining.



Every room in the house need some wall decorations. In this bedroom is used multi circles wall decoration. This circles will certainly bring brightness and texture to the bedroom. It’s swirling designed and finished in silver, gold and copper.


Stripes pillow

Great decoration in every room. Casual and chic appeal so It’s perfectly combines with dark sofa.


Small lumbar pillow

Classic and solid design that shines in its smooth construction make this pillow uniqe and it’s black cotton velvet matches the sofa.



Urban mesh is high quality quilt with classic and contemporary design. Small scale pattern offers great design without overpowering room. Certainly It looks fantastic paired with accent pillows.


Accent pillow

This soft linen accent pillow pops this room. Therefore It goes along great with black quilt and other accent pillows.


Decorative pillow

This rose soft linen throw pillow is another great decoration accent to this black and white bedroom. It matches perfectly with accent rose pillows, black bedding and other decorative pillows.


Round pillow

This black velvet round pillow add a little texture. Its powerful black color so made great contrast with these accent and decorative rose pillows.


Arctic fox pillow

This pillow offers a genuine caress with its luxury plush faux-fur. It adds a touch of glamour in this bedroom. The distinctive engraved buckle ornament stylishly placed at the center perfectly merge with the bedroom.


Throw blanket

This blanket add a comfortable feel to this bedroom. You can use it on sofa or on the bed. Its pink color matching with rose accent and throw pillows.


That was all for luxury black and white bedroom. I hope you like it and you will try to decorate your bedroom like this one. However, give it a try and show me your pictures in comments, I would love to see it. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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