20 Beautiful Traditional Christmas Wreaths

Today I pick traditional Christmas wreaths for you. For me traditional colors of Christmas is green, red and gold. Every door will be updated with classic but classy wreath. Here is my selection (Shop the wreath by clicking on images):

1. Golden rouge wreath

Beautifully designed wreath with red roses, green leafs and gold baubles as a contrast.

Source: Pinterest

2. Sassy doors wreath

This wreath is made from pine, big red bows and several naure winter decorations.

Source: Pinterest

3. Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Classic green and red wreath with only 3 white roses made from fleece.

Source: Pinterest

4. Poinsettia Wreath

Christmas wreath made with red poinsettia and gold bow. For me red poinsettia is a typical Christmas flower.

Source: Pinterest

5. Berry, Mistletoe, and Pinecone Lit Wreath

The title says it all. Simple wreath made with natural winter ornaments on green pine.

Source: Pinterest

6. Mark Roberts Prince of Elves Wreath

This is one beautiful rich wreath. Pine wreath is decorated with Red, green and gold baubles, subsequently the ribbon was pulled through and tied up into a beautiful bow.

Source: Pinterest

7. Winter JOY flocked wreath

As a title says, this is one joyful wreath made from pinecones, snowflakes and gold baubles.

Source: Pinterest


Nice and neat wreath. Made in just three colors – green, red and white.

Source: Pinterest

9. Large Red Christmas Wreath

One extraordinary wreath. This wreath is made only from ribbon bows.

Source: Pinterest

10. Poinsettia wreath

Small christmas wreath decorated with red poinsettia, red and gold baubles with big bow.

Source: Pinterest

11. Highland Fling wreath

This wreath is very rich. It has only three types of decoration on it – small baubles, conepine and ribbon, but still looks perfect.

Source: Pinterest

12. Personalised Christmas wishes bauble wreath

The special feature of this wreath is that you can order an inscription of your wish, which will be written in the middle of the wreath.

Source: Pinterest

13. Dark wreath

Little different, but still beautiful wreath with plenty of ornaments.

Source: Etsy

14. Merry Christmas Wreath

Large wreath with small baubles and big bow.

Source: Etsy

15. Christmas traditional colonial fruit wreath

This wreath is decorated with fruit and big red bow.

Source: Etsy

16. Elegant wreath

Just one elegant wreaath with baubles and owl.

Source: Etsy

17. Wreath in green and golden colour

As a title says, this wreath is made just with green pine, decorated with several shades of gold baubles.

Source: Etsy

18. Happy holidays wreath

Another wreath made only from satin bows with beautiful sign – Happy Holidays.

Source: Etsy

19. Santa wreath

This wreath is also made from bows and has a glitter santa with reindeers and a large bow.

Source: Etsy

20. Gold and white poinsettia wreath

At the end is beautiful white poinsettia wreath with champagne baubles and LED sign.

Source: Pinterest

That was my selection of traditional Christmas wreaths. For more beautiful design and decoration ideas subscribe, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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